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Gtechniq Relaunches Automotive Range

With a fresh new look designed to celebrate the simplicity and purity of its performance-focussed car maintenance solutions.

The face-lifted range launches under Gtechniq’s new #pureperformance concept; which describes both the essence of the new range, and the ‘purist’ driver it has been created for.

Rob Earle, Managing Director of Gtechniq explains: “Every single product that Gtechniq develops is first and foremost designed to perform. This means a total focus on functionality – an ‘everything you need; nothing you don’t’ philosophy. For this reason, you won’t find any unnecessary additives, scents or colourings in any of our products.


Instead you will find products blended using only the finest quality ingredients, designed to deliver truly stunning results.

‘Pure Performance’ describes the simple, straightforward, but highly effective way we go about delivering high-end car care. It also sits at the heart of why lots of our customers are so passionate about cars.

If you are the kind of driver who appreciates the purity of car ownership – the sounds, dynamics and design aesthetics – then this new range is very much for you”.

Recently lots of mainstream car care companies have been jumping on the bandwagon and rushing to introduce what have traditionally been professional-grade products (such as ceramics) into their consumer maintenance ranges. These brands are effectively trying to move upmarket in response to demand amongst some of their audience who are now seeking more premium car care solutions.

Gtechniq, on the other hand, are effectively moving sideways – and this is a critical distinction. Unlike lots of the others, Gtechniq has many years of experience and a proven track record in delivering high-end solutions to the professional detailing world. With this new maintenance range, Gtechniq is simply sharing these professionally proven products with the end-user.

Whilst professional detailing remains a core part of Gtechniq’s DNA, the company aims to cater to the full spectrum of drivers, and is keen to promote their belief that there is room for both professional and consumer car care – and some crossover between the two.

Whilst it’s true that lots of the more advanced techniques and products require expert knowledge, experience, controlled environments and specialist equipment; there are lots of ‘trickle down’ technologies which can be shared with, and enjoyed by, drivers at home on the driveway. Gtechniq’s industry leading research, development and testing facilities allows Gtechniq to deliver these technologies in a safe and easy-to-use format – with the data to
back up their superior performance.